The Path to True Wealth and Security - Class 2

Kim Allen
By: Kim Allen, Diana Clark, David Lorey, Ying Chen, 陈颖

What is true wealth and security? In this class, we will explore the Dhaniya Sutta (Sn 1:2) and the Snake Sutta (Sn 1:1) of the Suttanipāta, which feature the theme of protection and release in the household and spiritual life. These verse teachings include evocative metaphors and poetic language that point toward deep concerns of human life and the path to Awakening. The class will include dharmettes, guided meditations, Q&A, and small group discussion.   The Sati Center’s Study-and-Practice series combines explorations of the discourses from Early Buddhism with ways of applying these teachings to meditation and daily life.

Recorded: Thursday, January 19, 2023 at Sati Center
Duration: 1:18:16


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